Dragon Ball Heroes

Dragon Ball Heroes


Dragon Ball Heroes is a 2D battle game in which players can use many legendary characters in the Dragon Ball series. Fights can be one-on-one, two against two or two.


Useful characters include: You can find all the common suspects: Gold Goku, Sonar Gohana, Shakira and Cell along with some other common characters like Dr. Giro, Robot Grau and Mr. Satan. Although the best thing is that in most cases you come against different versions of the same letter. For example, there are three versions of your room and Trunc has three different incarnations.


Normally, each character has its own special steps that mirrors the previous games. Goku can do his kame hame and Genki has his fire force, likewise, Krillin can launch his energy disk and blind ink.


Dragon Ball Heroes also offers the amount of game modes to convex it. You can play arcade mode against AI, battle mode mode twice in two wars, and a cop mode for a training mode of the room of time and space.


Dragon Ball Heroes is an extraordinary movie link game, which is not only to choose from the old dragon ball characters, but also a restored gaming system and average average graphics. Note

One of the characters in the first version of the game was a problem, version 1.0.1 corrected this.

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Free 1.1 RistaR87