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Do you usually add a bit of 3D and Google's hand to 3D chatroulette chat rooms? What is the purpose of lipstick today? Live Google's new trash chat chat is the first time you think that playing Sims at that long afternoon.


The first thing to create your character or avatar is to make it personal, using your Google account while living, select clothing, sex, and hair as well as eye color or fetuses.


Then if you want you can enter a chat room or create your own and decorate it. It is amazing, start to choose the shape of the room and then furniture, poster, sticker, ...


Okay, we can say it's a new second life or a new type of IMVU, but it's different from them. Although it is more focussed than the private chat room compared to an open world like Second Life and it's a little faster and more customized than IMVU, although we would also say it could be developed a lot, though.


Finally, you can embed your blog or website in the chat room and offer your users a private room to meet and chat with other users.

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