Live Notifier

Live Notifier


If you want to open a chat window with your contacts, but you do not want to write it, would you like to know? Or do anyone want to know if someone disadmit you from the contact list? This lighting program will be able to thank you.


Live Directory increases the notification of your Windows Live Messenger notification, does not provide specific information that does not provide the original version.


Perhaps you've done it before, you open a chat conversation, but then, you feel good about it and nothing stays written off. Now you can find out if someone contacts you


If they disadmit you from the contact list, you will be notified at this moment.


If you want to access this function, once you install it, access them in the following menu options of this method: Junk Plus! -> Live Notifier -> Settings there you will be able to setup Live Directive

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Free 1.10 PortalMes


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