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Like Whatsapp, but on your computer's desktop

The line is a powerful communication tool that lets you send instant messages from your own desktop comfort to phone numbers in your telephone contact list. It's basically like a Whatsapp that you can use from your Windows or Mac computers.


To be able to use the app, first you need to download an iOS or Android version and create an account (available at Uptodown) and register for the service; It is completely free and can be done in a matter of seconds.


Once you have completed this process, all you have to do is install your desktop version, attach your accounts, and start chatting with your friends, who can reply to their desktop versions of their own line, or their mobile phone. All they have to do is register an account.


One of the features that people really like about the line is a large collection of stickers and icons that allow people to communicate quickly using images in a fun and 'visual' way.


The line is one of the most striking communication tools found at the moment, as it allows its users to communicate from both their mobile phone and their computer

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