Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger
More features, more quality, more instant messenger

Chat with your friends, send files, share photos with them, ... everything with Yahoo Messenger.


Now you can get free PC-to-PC calls worldwide and if your friend does not answer, you can also leave a voicemail, use new Yahoo 360º for sharing files and transfer files up to 1 GB.


Now you can keep in touch with all your friends, even though they may be far away, the Yahoo Messenger distance may be less.


If you feel that you can not express your feelings with words, you can spice up IM conversations and show people how thank you for your emoticon.


Many features that will touch your conversation with your friends globally.


Yahoo Messenger, now it's a great choice to communicate with others, and your phone bill will also thank you.



Now you can do worldwide PC to phone calls at low rates.


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