Telegram for Desktop

Telegram for Desktop

Chat with all your Telegram contacts from your desktop

The telegram for desktop is a desktop application for Windows that enables you to chat with all your friends in an easy, accessible way of chatting in these instant messaging services - right from your computer.


To start using telegrams for the desktop, firstly connect it to your cellphone. After this is done, you can chat with all your Telegram contacts, basically start conversations on your computer and even use your computer to view the photos shared with you.


The only thing you can not use Telegram for the desktop is to continue with a personal conversation, because those who strictly restrict your phone to provide better security are restricted.


The telegram has a clean, accessible interface for the desktop, so it can not be easy to communicate with all your contacts. Just click on their name and you can start the chat window. Quick and easy.


Now you can use Telegram custom stickers

A few months ago Telegraph received stickers for the first time, this feature is now available to include custom galleries to test based on famous and influential characters from the 20th century, that you are all completely free and made by users themselves with the advantages of adding chat to use your self Ikara gallery can add meaning.


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Free 1.3.8 Telegram


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