A sync tool similar to its own Cloud Dropbox, which aims to solve the main problem in this popular online storage service: It provides a quick and easy way to manage your online documents, at the same time providing new security features at the same time.


The reason for this security increase is because the cloud itself lets your company (or workgroup) host a data center, to control the flow of information flowing through your administrator and to manage your information security.


In addition to this feature on Dropbox, its own cloud removes the local folder as much as the user needs at every network, such as automatically backing up all of their data. You just have to open the user interface and select the folders, a process that takes only a few seconds.


Just like Dropbox, your own cloud lets you manage everything from the Web Browser tab, where you can organize your folders, download your files and view them online.


OwnCloud is a file sync and backup tool that can be especially useful for small and medium enterprises. It's not only versatile and not real, but very safe.

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