Google Drive

Google Drive


Thanks to Google Drive, you can access a virtual disk drive directly from Windows, with the cloud and the ability to synchronize files wherever you want.


Once you have installed the application on your computer, its icon will appear on the left side of a Windows folder, under the 'Desktop' and 'Recent Locations'. Only one click will give you access to the files stored in your Google Drive account.


And if you want to upload something to your account in the cloud, you just have to drag and drop to the folder inside the file.


The basic Google Drive storage is 5 GB, which should be more than just saving a document, photo and a video here and there. Of course, you can always give more space if you need it.


Google Drive is a huge cloud storage tool, the rest of it is Google's product and its integration to make it easy to use, quite useful for a user.

How to make space in your Google account?

A few years ago Google integrated 15GB of free space so that it was available in the cloud distributed in Gmail, Google Drive and Google Photos. The problem is that when you come to a point when you are not sure that you are saving things in your personal documents, backups, and trash items, we have gathered this list of tips to free up space in your Google Account.

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What is the "cloud" right?

A recent Samsung study showed that 72% of surveyed users do not really understand that they do not really understand the meaning of technology. And one of the most confusing things was "The Cloud" (written among cap) across all-around. So what exactly does it mean? How can you get the maximum of this functionality on your smartphone? Never fear - Uptodown is here, and we can explain everything.

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