New email clients try not to give a lot of new ideas by trying to stand in a section depending on such software.


However, the Postbox wants to contribute to new features that renew the concept of e-mail management and disrupt the functionality of integrating content indexing and Internet email accounts.


Listings of postboxes that are available in your inbox: Present them in an organized fashion in different parts of the text, images, email addresses, links and programs, where you can search, label and organize any indexed item.


Only you will not be able to organize and store this information locally, but you will be able to save and share various indicators items such as Facebook, Picasa, Twitter, Google Docs, FriendFeed, Delicious etc.


Another feature that makes postbox a truly unique email client is its integration with internet email accounts. It is able to get all types of information from your email, information about your contacts from email messages.


This, coupled with a preview of each email message, is a complete complete editing bar, a to-date list, the ability to convert email to a very efficient search bar and the Thunderbird extension to install, the ability to postbox a popular email option makes the client really worth trying out .

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