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NetSpot is for wireless site survey, Wi-Fi analysis, troubleshooting

Wireless site surveys, Wi-Fi analysis and Net Spots are the only professional app for Windows problem execution. It's free and very easy, no need to be a network expert to start using today's net support!


Analyze Your Wi-Fi Coverage Net Spot is the easiest wireless site surveys software for Windows. You need a few clicks to load your office plan or area map and to start a survey of a network site. Just point to where you are on the map and NetSpot starts measuring wireless communications directly, turn on, and collect Wi-Fi data. It is that: Now you have all the necessary information to analyze radio signal leakages, search the source of the source, use the map channel, locate the effective access points, and so on.


Visualize your wireless network efficiently, the appropriate hotspots that are properly set up on your Wi-Fi network need appropriate and appropriate radio channels: The viewfinder map you can get through the Netscape that you use to see all the areas without coverage and the hotspots Allows platforms to optimize; You can see channel loads and decide how to use them exclusively.


Wireless Network Plan NetSpot is also a wonderful wireless survey tool for Wi-Fi planning. Load a map, collect some wireless site surveys data, create a great deal of heat on your network. Now it's easy to see each channel as different. Once you find an empty channel with a wireless network - the best choice for a new Wi-Fi network


NetSpot also allows you to easily select the channel for new Wi-Fi hotspots in the Noise Range, you can easily and quickly identify problems and wireless interaction problems for new troubleshooting visualization, to find sources of excessive words, solve Wi-Fi configuration problems, and NetSpot automatic on each issue, seen by PRO paramar You can get.


By Alvaro Toledo


Windows 7/8/10

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