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Available services for digital customers

TV channels are expanding in the digital world and they start televising everything they do online. Digital + joined

They decided to launch a new service called Canal + YOMVI that you can access from portable devices or, in this case, from PC.

The difference is, in this case, the Canal + YOMVI offers you digital new catalog catalogs, including movies, TV shows and sporting events at any time; It's like a free digital video rental service for customers.

If you already have a contract with the digital services, then a no-snoring tool is a suitable tool for you to see the time in which your movie is not launched, or to take your canal + services anywhere or to watch live games, movies, or your favorite episodes. Wherever you stay the TV show

Finally, we should be shining that the value given by YOMVI is excellent, copying, very fluid, and offers a comprehensive catalog that is free and paid.

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