Viber Media
The desktop version of the popular chat and VoIP app

VoIP applications for Viber, popular IM and mobile devices, Windows and Mac have their own desktop clients, which greatly increase the flexibility of these widely used, free communication tools.

It is a new software that is compatible with the available mobile versions of Viber and provides a complete and complete functionality to contact you with your contacts, send and receive calls and messages, and do not matter to any of your devices.

The only specific requirement is that you already have the Viber app installed on your mobile device, whether it's Android or iOS, so you can sync your account details and see all the data defined in your phone number including contacts and chat history. Once you install the application on your computer, the only thing left to do is log in with your registered ID

The desktop version includes all the features of the original app, such as voice or video call options or sending stickers or other files to your chats. And these features are multiplatform-meant to automatically sync between devices so that you can continue with your smartphone on your smartphone that you started on your PC and vice versa.

Viber is a very useful application that lets users save lots of money.

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