Excellent alternative browser

Opera is one of the most optimized and enhanced web browser.

Opera in the day, which includes several features that make it easier. Some of the options browsing, secure browsing, shortcuts, skinning, is tabbed zoom, ...

Even if you've tried other browsers, Opera seems to be a variety of options and reliability count, it's really useful and fast.

It's been a really good navigator and powered it up, so it's a good time to enjoy your day teaches opera changing and the Internet.

Android browser comparison (March 2017)

At that time again. Now let us compare it to the browser (from September 2016), whereas a full six months, so you have four of the most popular Android browsers now eagerly awaiting our latest half-yearly report of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, UC Browser and Opera. Use the RAM, the speed of opening applications, and compatibility: the number of times across the various aspects of our comparison.

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Opera's servers have been hacked! For increased security, change your password now

If you are a regular user of the Opera browser, you probably have some of the user's personal information may have compromised their server will have received an email last week confirmed the attack. More specifically, Opera sync data from security breaches, causing gaping when it comes to cloud sync passwords and data in the cloud-based browser would have been exposed. Basically, hackers and the security of sensitive information that can affect your privacy seriously could gain access.

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5 of the Opera is an excellent browser

Opera desktop browser is now available as one of the best that we never get tired of recommendation. And now, the recent arrival of 37 stable channel version and the addition of an integrated ad-blocker exciting, it seems a good moment to recap as to attract them. We will try to concentrate on five points.


It allows downloads through bittorrent protocol
-Enhanced interface thanks to widgets.
-It allows you to block content from any website.

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Free 53-0-2907-57


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