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2.Firefox 3 is compatible with Firefox is not supported.

If you usually use Google to search the web for something, then you have no items in this add-on for Firefox that make it easier to find and identify the websites where you will be redirected should continue reading.

Google icon will give you no problems, in fact, it only works when you access Google, and search for any word. Once you have installed the icon Google- list of search results, you'll realize that is different, the result shown in the list you will see the website favicons.

Easily install the Google icon, and you just click on Download your favorite web browser (Firefox), you'll see a message at the top of the installation of the search results page, and enjoy a more identifiable.

When you surf the Internet normally, you visit a website, you usually recognize favicons, and the list can help you choose the best result in this icon, is very useful.

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Free 1.9 Sunsean


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