Pink Paula Theme

Pink Paula Theme


The Pink Palasha theme for Firefox is a theme designed specifically for women, but this does not mean that the valuable person of its salt can not use it.


It's a romantic, lover and special day for the special day, such as Valentine's Day


The color of the browser interface will be replaced by various shades of pink at the same time.


The icon is replaced by the ones that are more interesting than the icons. The room directed at the home page has been changed by a little heart. The wheel represents the discharge of the page and it represents as the spins represent a five-piece blue star.


In the download window, the selected item shows a star-styled background of different colors.


Finally, if your browser influences the changes, then it is possible to add a new search engine that allows you to search a particular version of Google. Go Google to get a new version of Pegino.

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License Version Developer
Free 1.0.5 Marcio


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