Mini Map Sidebar

Mini Map Sidebar

Tony Farndon

Google Maps's powerful geolocationization tool ensures that you can see and stay anywhere in the world in a snap.


Mini Map Sidebar is an add-on for Firefox that lets you surf the internet while viewing and navigating the Google Map in your favorite web browser.


This add-on is very useful when we must know the right street or place because we will share the browser window into two parts: Google Maps and another part of the website that we want to coordinate, so we want to drag and drop the street name in the search box You can and can navigate the map without any problems.


If you usually want to search Google Map's space, you do not have to change to another tab from now on, you will be able to keep screen maps and websites at the same time.

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License Version Developer
Free 0.3.13 Tony Farndon


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