If you are a disaster and forget all users and passwords for different websites, but you think that the functionality of Firefox is not secure enough to save your functions, but you have to use this add-on.


LastPass offers more security than the built-in password manager in Firefox, and for that reason most users are currently installing LastPass.


LastPass stores and encrypts the passwords on its own server before uploading to the server, so they are not accessible on the way.


Of course, we recommend you set a weird but easy memory password, because it will give you all your password access.


Another advantage is that it can create a high-security password that you do not have to remember (it will be used automatically). This way you will increase security but you do not have to rack your brain to remember them.


Finally, you can import all passwords automatically from Firefox, do not hesitate, it is important for security and ultimately it increases.

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Free 4.1.2 Lastpass


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