Better Gmail 2

Better Gmail 2

2 0.7.2
Gina Trapani

It's sure you've heard about Gmail, and it's also possible that you're an active user of this famous email manager of Google. If this is true, it is also sure that you like to discover new possibilities that it can offer to you.


Advanced Gmail is an extension for Firefox that uses Gracemkey to combine Gmail's optimum modification and optimization, allowing you to select the naturality from your graphical interface.


The Gmail integration option that Firefox uses to manage your email, Google Calendar and Google Reader integration, to inform you about important dates, message previews, color tagging, already read buttons, directory support, search improvements for different skins, and support.


If you use Gmail as your primary email account, your Gmail will be a perfect addition to your Firefox extension.

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License Version Developer
Free 2 0.7.2 Gina Trapani


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