MagicCube FeedStore for Google Reader

MagicCube FeedStore for Google Reader


Google Reader is one of the best newsreaders you can find today. This is a oyebaayapasa that, though, it is a very useful tool if you do not mean that an Internet connection.

MagicCube FeedStore for Google Reader feeds from Google Reader is a Chrome extension, even if you're working without an Internet connection lets you download and read.

The main thing that stands out about it a, its iTunes-inspired interface, which Apple fans will definitely love.

The Google Reader offline, you have the option to read all your feeds, easier access to sources of articles, post highlights, and lets you sort them into folders. Not to mention that it boasts a clean and comfortable interface for reading.

You can read the news without an Internet connection or Google Reader with the option only if you are looking for an application, Google Reader is a great option for MagicCube FeedStore.

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