Tonido is a really useful application that transforms your computer into your personal cloud. When we say that we can convert your computer to a remote disk, you can access it from any other computer or smartphone.

This application works as a server and client. Once configured, it will allow you access to all files. It's not uploaded to the cloud, it's cloud.

Once installed on your computer and your computer is on, you can access your app from any other computer via webpage or iPhone, Android or BlackBerry.

In short, if you want to enjoy full access and secure file transactions on your computer's data, Taadi is the right choice.

You will be able to transfer computers, computers and computer files from your computer to computer. Actually you can watch or listen to videos without streaming.

Of course, when you install Tonyid, it will give you a unique ID that you use to access your separate device, because your data will be safe at any time.

Tonido is the way to build your own cloud.

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