More than once you have tried to search a file but you do not remember the name. It may be frustrating to remember the inner text, but the name of the file is not so impossible to find.

The next time you will know that you have to find a file that contains a text, you will not have any problem for SearchInform.

SearchInform can localize the complete path of a file, just know a part of the text written.

If you want to do this, all the text in your hard drive is on the index. Indexing them is easy, just select the folder where you wrote and it will index them automatically.

After that simple step, every time you need a file, you just have to type the words inside it and it will show you the file without any problems. In addition, it can search documents like search in their content.

There is no doubt that an application will solve difficult problems in difficult situations.

SearchInform supports TXT, DOC, RTF, PDF and HTML and it's completely free, though there is a non-free version that includes more options.

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License Version Developer
Free 4.3.4 SoftInform


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