Screen Ruler 2D

Screen Ruler 2D



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Screen ruler 2D is a virtual ruler that lets you measure any items on your screen. You can remove the ruler wherever you want and use zoom to measure small objects.

The rulers, which are usually used in schools, are semi-transparent, so you can easily see them. To remove it, just right-click it and drag it where you want.

Some features of the program allow you to increase or decrease the size of the ruler (you can do this with keyboard shortcut), to make it more accurate, to move it with arrows or to use the virtual magnifying glass more accurately.

You can open and close the program at any time. It uses a resource very easily so that it is really fast and takes just a second to open it.

Screen ruler 2D graphic designer or anyone is a superb useful tool for measuring component components from time to time. The plastic ruler is no longer above your screen.

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Trial 1.16 Infonautics


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