Google Satellite Maps Downloader

Google Satellite Maps Downloader



The trial version will download the maximum zoom level images of 13 people.

The Google Satellite Map Downloader helps you download satellite maps from your hard drive from the official Google Maps service. In this way, you can consult with them even if you do not have internet connection.

The program lets you see a map anywhere in the world and lets you save it as an image file on your hard drive or mobile device for future use. You can view them individually from the program interface, or combine to create a large BMP-format map.

Easy to use Google Satellite Maps Downloader - Just add programs and zoom level quotes that you want to see.

Thanks to this app, you can protect yourself from being lost by bringing root in good satellite quality with you so that you can come safe and sound at your destination.

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Trial 7.45 Allmapsoft


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