FastStone MaxView

FastStone MaxView

Andrew Lu

A tool that lets you watch all your photos on your computer, one after another looking for? Yes, if you arrived at the right page, because FastStone MaxView is a full-featured image viewer which is really easy to use, without the useless options which give only your problem is.

FastStone MaxView When you run a program where you understand that you are in front of the user, the most important, because everything developed and your users feel as though you had used for years to make the program was established.

So if you feel creative, you take your photos to create a perfect video for the song can add to your composition. If you think it would be difficult to use, you are wrong, and tried to drag music, photos, effects, and you need to drop everything.

As never before in your photos will be displayed to your friends.

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Free 3.1 Andrew Lu