Picture Viewer

Picture Viewer


Image Viewer is a small, simple tool that you that you've stored locally, no matter what format they are stored in the image file to open.

With this app, you comfortably on your computer, files are JPEG, GIF PNG, BMP, ICO, WMF, EMF, TIFF, money, everything has to be saved with RLE or JFIF extensions will not be able to see.

You just open the picture viewer and select the folder where you saved all your photos; the program so you can select the ones you want to see a list of all of them will be displayed. You can also 'forward' and 'back' button you can browse the entire gallery.

The visitors made the company Gaijin, just is not designed to view the image. This rotate them, flip them, delete them or move them to a different folder, the program's main window lets you do get.

All of them in their original size or full screen, the same screen size compatibility: Image Viewer, but the photos will show you the most comfortable for you. In addition, the Properties window for each file you can see the EXIF ??data.

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Free 3.5 Gaijin


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