Mischa Lusteck

SmillaEnlarger an easy-to-use application which lets you play any photo to enlarge its value.

Normally, when we resize a photo to make it bigger, pixels, but we use SmillaEnlarger, imae will not lose quality during the resizing process.

It does not need to be installed and click on any of the pictures to enlarge it offers possibility.

SmillaEnlarger includes several resize options. We can enlarge pictures without loosing quality of sound pictures or give it to a given style.

Also, by combining various parameters like de-nosier or sharpener can create your own style.

SmillaEnlarger who want their picture to enlarge, but more complex software like Photoshop o do not want to get lost in the options is a good choice for those users.

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Free 0.9.0 Mischa Lusteck


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