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Blurity! A simple photo version of the tool and its main task is to find out the horrific effects of that movement on some photos, leaving them more sharp and presented.

The program has a functionality that is very easy and to select a picture, clicking on the blurry zone, and waiting for the application to be processed. Also, if it seems too complicated, bluie! A tutorial that will explain how to do everything step by step!

Apart from the basic mode, what you can do is we have already explained, Bluie! Comes with an advanced mode that will give you more possibilities. Of course it does not do much more, you will be able to reduce the pictures and increase the intensity of the crop and soft spot.

Blurity! A tool that is really interesting, since most phones do not use photos on the flore, if you do not use flash.

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Free 1.2.122 Nesota


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