Matthew Brown y David Lowe

Autostitch is defined for users who spend hours and hours in front of a computer and use a lot of pictures to write a bigger composition.

When we live in holidays and we want to take a picture of a very big area, sometimes we can not accept it because it is too big. Now, thanks to Autostitch, because that problem is resolved, the only thing you need to do is to take two, three or even photographs for the capture of all the scenes you want, the only thing you have to do is to do that.

When you come home, you download your PC photo and run Auto Stitch. It says its name, it automatically snaps your photos in a few seconds. You only have to select different pictures and it will make the big one with no mistake. Even if you make a mistake and give it a full folder to a great photo segment, it will create them all.

Now you can get the strange image you like.

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License Version Developer
Demo 2.186 Matthew Brown y David Lowe