Martin Sykes

Despite tremendous advances in technology, even the best camera is often the human eye, which means that the picture is usually light and shadow to fall short of your expectations do not come close to capturing the full range of the visible. But AutoHDR in just a few seconds can help you with this.

Just picture you, with HDR to enhance the application window to manually adjust the parameters of the left column, or choose one of the default presets you want to drag, the image process (which only takes a couple of seconds).

Once the image is ready, you have to save it in any format JPG, PNG, GIF, or you can choose, including TIFF. The only downside is that the final product contains a watermark. It makes small and out of the way, but it's still not ideal.

It's a great way to AutoHDR without putting in too much time to improve your photos with a professional touch. With AutoHDR, in a matter of seconds you can create a beautiful shot.

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