Nik Collection

Nik Collection

The most comprehensive range of filters for Photoshop

Nick collections are a great suite for providing a unique touch to your photos by applying filters and personality effects. Six applications offer you various features that together with your photos can be professionally seen.

This tool consists of an array of plug-ins that you can use from the Adobe Photoshop filter tab. Nick has eight independent modes in the collection, in which you can find different effects.

The first block, the analog EFax Pro, comes with nine filters to give your pictures the look and feel of a classic camera. You can simply click on them and they will apply to your picture, though you can add 'scratches and dirt', cartoon, and movie filters to see your pictures properly old school.

Color EFX Pro is the second tool in this pack, offering 55 different types of controls to set control points and focuses on various elements that compile the photo. Define lets you adjust the contrast and separates the color word, thus improving the quality of the picture so that you do not notice the grain

HDR Affix Pro combines various features of this effect by creating HDR photos and allows you to tone, tone, shrink and change colors. This option restores any lost highlights, reduces shade, and coordinates totals for achieving the perfect level of normality and balance. With Sharpener Pro you can choose the intensity of your image by applying attention control points

Silver Fix Pro has a total of 38 black and white or sepia effects that help you achieve a modern or classic look depending on your needs. Finally, the last option for Nick's collection is Vivian, a feature of adjusting the brightness, contrast, saturation, shadows and RGB hugs to control the photo's warmth and bright look.

By Alvaro Toledo

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Nick's collection was specially created in 1995 to create filters and effects for digital photography as an independent studio. They are the founders of Snap seed. After gaining Google in 2012, Nick's collection image filter is now available as a complete set of plugins for Photoshop and other Adobe products that you can use to apply all kinds of professional effects to your images free of charge.


To install plugins on your Photoshop you must access the Photoshop Plugins folder. You just have to copy the .8BF files to this folder and open Adobe Photoshop so that the new effects appear in the Filters menu.

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