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A free photo editing and retouching tool with layers

Paint.Net cannot even be compared with the famous photo editor from Microsoft, it's a complete and compact multipurpose image editor's continuing feature that puts it at the top of its category.

Among its features, you can find many other powerful suites such as Photoshop, such as layer, history, so that you can undo tasks, advanced filters, professional tool bars ... and still, it's still a very useful tool for drawing pixel art, and To be used to recover photos or even to work with digital drawings At the door

Paint.Net supports many formats, including most well-known people like BMP, PNG, TIFF, JPG, and GIF, as well as many post processing tools that can be used to get professional results: blurring, red eyes, bevel, point of view, noise Etc. You can edit the color properties of the images by adjusting brightness, saturation, contrast ... it is one of the best free tools you can find without any doubt.

How to Draw Pixel Art

the latest creative tendency is seeing a digital resurgence nowadays where the low-res digital drawing is coming back to the phone. Outside of the use of pixel art, indie or amateur video game load (basically how easy it is to create), it also displays frequently with adverse aesthetic, like ads or decorative items, how can we get started in the world of pixel art and get better results Provide a crash course to use which tools to use.

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