XnView Shell Extension

XnView Shell Extension


XnShell realistic Windows Explorer extension, edit and convert images just by right-clicking them, which allow you to.

This application conversion tools at your fingertips to apply basic photo, format, resolution, or the ability to change the rotation of the image, as well as set them as your desktop wallpaper or upload them directly to Image Shack, including the ability to integrate with your system.

XnShell a great way to quickly and easily make changes to your photographs because you can with just one click all the edits. JPEG image in PNG format you need? Just XnShell alternative to Windows Explorer to access and it will be ready. In addition, the program GIF, BMP, and JPG, PCX, PNG, TGA, and TIF extension support.

This extension, which is a great feature that keeps you from having to repeat the same processes each image, you can convert your photos in batches.

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Free 3.5.0 XnView


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