UniDream PowerBatch

UniDream PowerBatch

Advances in digital photography during the day and low prices, achieved thanks to the more users who own a digital camera and use it when they have to go on holidays.

For that reason, and because the memory card can store more and more images are used, when you come out of your holiday, you find you have a lot of pictures and you, e-mail or work wither want your website to them, including their tossed.

You have a piece of software that lets you do all of it is searching for, UniDream PowerBatch perfect choice. It's you, convert image format, changing values, orientation, lets you change the size of ...

PowerBatch edit your photos and those of a watermark (picture or text), add the files you want to rename or transform them a good choice.

UniDream PowerBatch JPG, GIF BMP, PNG and TIFF supports and its interface is fully skiable.

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