Screenshot Captor

Screenshot Captor


Screenshot captor is a different screenshot captor. Screenshot captor when you say you are watching a program stored in a file that you think about that image on the screen, but the screen goes further captor, and it includes a lot of options, allowing it to be different.

Once you have run the program, we simply press 'PrtScr' and the captured image will be displayed in an image on the screen. Then, we can choose to capture images in a zone, it's a combination, spin will be able to change the color, ...

When we have that program of action 'PrtScr' pressing need to configure what can we decide if it's full screen, a rectangular area, we are browsing window can capture the ...

And it .jpg, .gif, .TIF, and .pang formats can capture images as

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Free 4.20.1 Donationcoder


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