Gadwin PrintScreen

Gadwin PrintScreen


Gadwin PrintScreen to capture the image on the screen for Windows, one of the best tools available. It has an infinite number of customization options and automatization. Also very easy to use.

It has several predefined capture system, so it can capture the entire screen, or use a sliding frame to select the area, or capturing the real and automatic window system cannot cropped version selected. If you choose this option, simply move the cursor over a window, and the area to crop, without the manual will be selected.

That is, the output format (BMP, GIF, JPEG, etc.) to select the size of the re-defined border or shading add destination folder, select and decide if a pop-up window each time you capture screen whether you want possible.

When you launch the program, Gadwin PrintScreen will remain open in the background. Click on the icon bar you can access the Windows options. There, you can choose the type of shot you want, but it's the actions, which you can do from the program interface is much easier to assign each a key.

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Free 5.4 Gadwin