Sweet Home 3D

Sweet Home 3D

Design your house in 3D in an easy and accurate way

Are you a new 3D design issues and to design a house or a part of it you want to try a Canadian program, stop searching, you are reading about the best free choice you can find. Sweet Home 3D is a great alternative to the expensive CAD programs there.

Sweet Home 3D measurement system to very accurately indoors thank to the integrated environment enables design. A room is being made into a plain pair of line because the program automatically generate 3D models is as simple as that.

Doors and windows space, do not worry, because when using Sweet Home 3D space when you create a window or a door will set up a specific wall.

Finally, the vast gallery, and if they object OBJ, LWS or 3DS is formatted as you can even add a new one.

Try it, remember, it's completely free ad you can save a lot of money.

To create a 3D representation of your house

We have already Sweet Home 3D, a free multiplatform program are you in your home for decorative or professional plan allows you to create 3D plans’ talked before, when users who have worked with interior design support tools are very accessible. Here we step on the floor and walls of your house as well as a 3D model, including the placement of furniture and lighting to create a blueprint based on going to explain step.

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GNU 5.6 eTeks


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