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Architecture: i386

Daminion a great tool for all users who have a large photo gallery. This multi-user management system and catalog files on your hard drive will store all the images, so you can better manage your albums.

Programs and manage files between multiple computers or PC users to sync multimedia library is really useful. Moreover, not only you, but you can manage your image library on your computer, you can organize all your videos.

As a cataloger Daminion, you can tag your photos by color, by searching a map, view metadata to each file, rotate images, add tags and of course, the show fullscreen.

With this app, you'll soon all the folders on your computer can locate any photo without diving in. In short, Daminion all your multimedia content to create a useful database.

Interface design is very intuitive: each of the files in the main window, its tags, or keywords on each search tab will be evaluated in accordance with the label looks like.




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