Euler 3D

Euler 3D

Tamas Petro


although the program is free, no limit on the author's website you can enjoy it without the need to register.

Secretary of the polyhedron Euler 3D is a three-dimensional setting with which you will be able to model all sorts of geometric figures are.

Euler 3D takes inspiration for its name from one of the greatest mathematicians who share an interest in the creation of polyhedrons is designed to be accessible to all kinds of users.

You can start your project from scratch or build on the example of a base, or one can use in your work as well as editing.

Euler 3D to change the vertices and edges as you want it, and you have regular or uniform polyhedrons, solids, etc. Plus you can manage, the program is an animation module through which you can make your creations come to life comes with.

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License Version Developer
Free 3.1.1 Tamas Petro


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