Improve your speed with this typing course

The best way to learn to type and improve your typing speed is through MakeNetnet. In this incredible 60 cases, you will find a comprehensive course with basic exercises in a common environment which is perfect for learning to type.

The basic features of the course are:

Extensive Curriculum: Composition of 20 lessons.

Analysis of each topic: percent of errors, keystrokes per minute ...

Load and save listings: A simple and safe way to store and load probability from multiple points for multiple users.

Open an external text: Users can practice with any text document.

Subject Generator: Users can discover their own text, choose from different types of options that can be made.

Profiler and Hyplight Text: Visual Tips That Make It Easier to Follow.

Customize options on the interface: There are three different interfaces in the program and the color can be customized.

In addition, the program can be run from any portable memory device (external hard drive, pen drive ...) from any computer installed on your computer.



Repository: ppa:michael-astrapi/ppa Architecture: i386

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Free 21.06.08 Ares-MecaNet