Dmitry Nikolaev
A powerful calculator that can combine operations and text

Numi is a comprehensive calculator that can be integrated into your Windows taskbar. You can use it as a scientific calculator to combine numbers and text and get results.

You just have to enter its interface value or paste it from your clipboard, and the app will start counting for you.

Calculator does not just make easy operation; It solves more complex functions such as drawing and trigonometry problems. In addition to this, you can add text, notes, or any text that you want to count.

Nami refers to the mathematical order of the calculation in its work, to divide it before division, and to honor the parentheses. If you do not want an expression to show in the calculation, then you can do it in the quotation marks.

The signs you can use are:

+ - Addition

- - Subtract

× - times

÷ - Category

- Expansion

Sin - sign

Cosine - cosine

TG - Tangent

Pi - Constant ?

Total - total


Trial version is fully functional for 7 days.

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