Multiplication Flash

Multiplication Flash

Paul Sherman

Three times, three; Three times, six, three times three, nine ...

Surely you remember, when you were a little, how you learned the multi-table by heart and you were able to teach them from the beginning of the beginning of the song ... but maybe you remember the hardship to reply it quickly they did not ask you the whole table .

Quality Flash (Amphlash) is a simple program that is designed to help children learn by animated development tables by a number of words, which will certainly attract their attention.

Basically, the only thing you need to do with mFlash is to answer The application will ask questions and the child will answer. If the kid is learning a specific table, then you can just ask mFlash to ask about that particular number. If not, you can choose it randomly so that all boards are mixed. In addition, the program perfectly presents a very friendly interface that can be used by kids

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GNU 1.0 Paul Sherman


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