StarStrider is a comprehensive planetarium you can use to take your own virtual journeys through infinite space.

It includes a detailed chart that lists all the important information about every star, planet, or other object you might encounter along the way.

Thus you'll be able to discover the name of anything you see in front of you in space, as well as how far away it is from you and exactly what it is.

You can also look for objects on your own or find things at any point during your individual space expedition.

The search options are extensive, making it a great educational tool for children, who can locate all the stars and planets they study on the space map and learn about their every detail.

The database contains more than 100,000 stars (bright points you can click on to learn their facts) and other objects, which are rendered in great detail in 3D.

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Free 2.8.6 FMJ-Software


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