123 Tpv - Hostelería Gratuito

123 Tpv - Hostelería Gratuito

Tpv Gratuito

123TPV Hostelleria to work with software design and hospitality business like bar, café or restaurant to facilitate and facilitate working and managing.

This tool allows administration of your suppliers, products, clients and employees, among other things, as well as working as a cash register and stock tracker. In addition, you can change interface language, receipts, decimal numbers of reports and types of taxes are included.

123 TPV hostage puts you in control of your daily sales and keeps you up to date on all the warehouses you have. It will also show you graphics and statistics and allow you to store archives in both internal and external ways.

The app is able to create menus with different types of food and drinks, if you want to reduce the product separately and want to charge the bill more quickly.

The cash registers of 123 TPV hostels are very visual and it allows you to work in a bar or lounge cash registration form or fast cash registration form. It also gives you the option of using bar codes or your own codes.

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Free 4.6.2 Tpv Gratuito


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