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VersionBox is a simple tool that will protect any project you are currently working on and allow you to easily release the previous version and hassle free. You can do this due to the backup archive created by the program.


Once you install the application, a new item named VersionBox will appear in the menu that pops up when you right-click it. After selecting this option after right-clicking on any project or folder, the current status of those files will be backed up automatically and saved as a ZIP file. It was also time and date will also be saved.


Once the files were created, they will be saved in a special folder named 'VERBox'. Users can set the maximum limit of backup copies that can be saved so that only the latest copies are saved, for example.


Also, you'll be able to add a short description to each folder, which will either revolve with a specific version file or just include some notes that you can find relevant


Versionbox is a very useful tool for users who work with projects that require a specific version and lots of backups. It gives you access to a sophisticated system of backing up your files and restores it to an earlier version easily.



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