Catalogos digitales

Catalogos digitales

Arturo Martinez


Repository: PPA: Michael-Trustee / Belt

Architecture: i386

ECatalogo is a tool that allows users to create catalogs, pamphlets and publications in various formats such as CDs, Internet, Cell Phones, Tablets, e-mail etc.

The program allows you to work with different variables related to images, video, and sound. Additionally, you can use any file or multimedia document that you want to improve the quality of your catalog.

ECatalogo lets you record information and take pictures of products, designs them in graphic format so that they are presented. You can also create special pages with multimedia content: Voice and Music (MP3 and MIDI), Flash Animation (SWF), Internet Video (YouTube, etc.), and documents (PDF, Doc, XLS etc).

One advantage of using this application is that once you are finished, you can save your changes so that they can be adapted for the Internet. If they go online, you can save them to an optical unit.

ECatalogo is a tutorial created by a unique interface, an application created by itself, and a catalog to be able to create new catalogs without any complications in everything you need.

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License Version Developer
Free 1.0 Arturo Martinez


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