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Drivers, delivery notes, clients, suppliers, inventory, VAT, purchases, outstanding payments, sales and invoicing or delivery status: A very easy-to-use program to manage your entire business directly.

Among the program's features, stand out the following:

Invoices: Create and modify invoices, as well as make them based on the delivery notes of their clients. Selecting client, date range, preferred group type, minimum amount etc. and / or indirect invoice list. Invoices can include free text between clients and article fields.

Guess: Create any type of estimate you want with both the client and the article field, including free text. Estimates can be automatically converted to invoices.

Delivery Note: Create and change client delivery notes, as the invoice, create note list according to their status: pending, operated, by client, date, etc.

VAT: sales, purchase, VAT, VAT, difference between bill, date, etc. (With graphics)

Purchase: Register, purchase or withdraw or change, keep track of each condition at all times, and make a list of suppliers, purchases, date ranges, status, etc. of paid or pending purchases.

Inventory: Through this option, record flow, outflow, or stock changes. Fields, codes, or references, the name of the product, the amount of the stock, and the minimum amount for the program warns you that you are running low, stocks will automatically update as you create invoices and delivery notes. You can list items, just below the stock, outflows by date range, and so on

Utilities: Uses such as Works War Selection, Invoice (A or B), Data Backup Copy, Full Agenda, Alert System, and File Correction, such as Windows, when the system is disabled or the system fails. There is a support tool that explains how the program works.

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