Administracion de Iglesias

Administracion de Iglesias



Repository: PPA: Michael-Trustee / Belt

Architecture: i386

Administrator admin Iglesias is a data storage tool that will help you to compile all information related to the organization as the first and last name, address, citizen status, telephone number, children's name, and email address. You can also choose to skip several detailed notes.

Admistración de Iglesias has various tools that will help you keep all the information about organizing your church members so that you can get in touch with it quickly. In addition, these apps help to preserve all the information about contacts, save everything related to each member's address, gifts, tithes, contributions and treasures.

Adminstración de Iglesias Sunday Bible Bible is perfect for helping, it can organize students in different groups, such as a member, child, and teenage, it is also some tools that will help you to monitor your library, mentioning a bible examiner of the church beggars Including.

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License Version Developer
Free 1.1.1 Admonware