SSuite Accel Spreadsheet

SSuite Accel Spreadsheet

Van Loo Software
A powerful spreadsheet creator that's completely free and open source

The Ssuite Accel Spreadsheet is a comprehensive spreadsheet application that comes with all the tools needed to complete all calculations or functions. It includes a comprehensive support system to help you with complex sources that are hard to remember. This program provides the difference that the big companies offer as completely free.

You can create statistical reports, create charts in Manual 2D and 3D, or SSUs Accel Spreadsheets can indicate that the best list for the information you want to present, or which database should be handled by SQL for its ODBC connection system. It includes a useful feature that shows the history of recent documents, allowing you to access any files quickly and easily.

To support independent developers, take a break for the exclusive support of large companies and make your work with SSuite Accel Spreadsheet.

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Free 8.44.1 Van Loo Software