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This application is designed to quickly calculate the business budget related to the printing industry.

You can use it to run different prints and scanning for different features (ink, other paper, etc.), rewriting the tasks by creating and printing a key key for different clients, including different types of runs and fixed features. It can draw sketches for pre-cut and print sheets, image descriptions, binding specification, orders and streets, set-squares etc.

Plus, it's more than just the budget: it creates a work order, calculates the actual cost and automatically determines the causes of this deviation, which calculates the deviation of the budget. It handles delivery date, time, delays and service levels; As well as sending notes, billing, receipts, warehousing, inventory, orders from suppliers, maintenance management, production planning and management. It produces more than 50 reports: production, productivity, asset yield rates, different graphs, statistics and more.

The software is capable of working within a computer, or a network without a limit to the number of users. Budgets, receipts and bills can all be configured.

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