LCC Win32

LCC Win32

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Work on Windows 95 or higher command line. It is a comprehensive development environment from Windows 2000. Your hard drive requires 32 MB of RAM and 50 MB of free space.
The LCC Win32 C language is a programming environment that includes all the tools you need to develop. You can compile, link, combine, edit, get support etc. It's all presented in a simple but effective friendend that lets you write something on the command line, though it also includes this possibility.

Similar to similar programs, this is a filtering option that checks the source code syntax. You can find lots of information about LCC-Win on the Internet, for its large user users.

With LCC Win32 you can manually write software or use external plugins to create layouts using drag and drop or to develop software using the rules API or third party libraries. The commands that you can insert in forms are similar to other programming environments.

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